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War Machine Exhibition

War Machine Exhibition

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Cold War Park has the biggest Russian Military technic collection in central Europe. Today you can visit with up to 100 War machines. At Cold War Park you can get close to touch and climbe in some of the exhibited war machines.
At your visit you can climb in the iconic T-55 main battle tank and you can sit in the Legendary Mi-24 Fighter Halo.


Go forward for it!

Retro door-to-door Driver-Guided tour with our unique UAZ or GAZ 69 vehicle.

The program starts from 5 participants.

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Order a Retro door-to-door transfer for 55€/Person with our unique UAZ or GAZ 69 vehicle. Program includes: -Military 4x4 transfer from your location and back - Guided War machine Exhibition visit with possibility to climb in the T-55 and the iconic Flying Fortress the HIND!
The door-to-door transfer refers only the transfers from Budapest.

You have to book the service at least 48 hour in advance, before the exact usage of the service.

Please enter the exact date and time of Your service usage in a text entry field above.
The location of the service: 2040 Budapest, Repülőtéri Road 2.
You cannot resign the order.

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