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Partisan shooting Package

Partisan shooting Package
  • Partisan shooting Package
  • Partisan shooting Package
  • Partisan shooting Package
  • Partisan shooting Package
  • Partisan shooting Package

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The package includes: 10 rounds of Margolin Cal"22, 10 rounds of PA63 Cal 9x18 and 4 rounds of AK47 Cal 7.62x39
Total: 24 rounds
This package is recommended for novice partisans who do not know yet what he's/her relationship to firearms but are curious!
Before start you will have a security Briefing from one our experienced shooting instructors.

Safety First! Fun-shooting!

Have you ever thought what it would feel like shooting with a real gun?
Would you like to try being an action hero for a short while?
You can go for it NOW at one of the biggest and oldest shooting ranges of Budapest!
ERVA Gun Club and its shooting instructors are eager to have you for an awesome fun-shooting program!
Don’t bother if it is the very first time in your life! Our shooting club is offering several shooting packages and wide selection of guns suitable for everyone who is into shooting.
All you have to do is concentrate, shoot and enjoy the feeling after the first good shot that you have never experienced before. Here you can try guns that you have only seen in the movies so far. Take a good aim at this exciting program; it will be a direct hit for you!

The shooting range is situated in a 1000 m2 underground area with two – each 25 meter-long – shooting halls, a 15 meter-long situation shooting hall and a canteen suitable for 35.
Safe parking is possible.

Interested in coming?
Here is what you can expect:

After a quick registration (please bring your ID card, passport or driving license) you will be given a short safety and gun handling education. During the whole program our shooting instructors will be loading the guns for you, give them right into your hands, take care of your safety and help you with aiming and shooting so you can do your best.

You are allowed to take photos or shoot videos during the program and can even take your target home if you want to. After your shooting program you can pose with unloaded guns if you feel like it!
You can find the general shooting rules at the location of the service.

Product properties

You have to book the service at least 48 hour in advance, before the exact usage of the service.
Please enter the exact date and time of Your service usage in a text entry field above.
The location of the service: 1222 Budapest, Pannónia street 3/5
You cannot resign the order.

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