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Medium category car rental

Medium category car rental
  • Medium category car rental
  • Medium category car rental

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You can choose from the following medium category car types: Toyota Corolla and Toyota Auris.

Please enter the exact date when You would like to begin the car rental, in a text entry field above.

If you would like to rent the car for a longer time than the adjustable period above, it needs following agreement.


You have to book the service at least 3 days before the service usage.

You can resign the order at latest 2 days before the service usage.

Product properties

The price does not include the deposit (300 EUR), which will be returned if you hand over the car with the same conditions as you took it away. This means that the car has to be cleaned, refueled and if any accident, fracture happened, you have to pay the retention (10%), but at least 50000 HUF. If this amount is less than the deposit, the customer will get back the difference.

The booking becomes completed with the confirmation after the payment of the rental fee. The deposit must be payed, at the hand over.

If you would like to hand over the car in the downtown of Budapest and not in our office, we charge you 32 Euros or the equivalent amount in HUF. Please enter the exact hand over place in the comment section when ordering.

Cars can be used only in Hungary. If you would like to use them outside the country’s border, extra license needed.

We will send you more information about the conditions of the rental after the reservation.

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